5 tips for safe driving in the rain

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pavlidistires - 5 tips for safe driving in the rain


It is well known that drivers must be more careful in autumn, when rainfalls are common.

Here are some tips for safe routes regardless of the weather conditions!


1. Check your tires frequently

Check the air pressure of your tires at least once a month. The correct air pressure for your tires is stated by the vehicle manufacturer and is usually indicated on the vehicle's side pillar.

2. Reduce speed and pay attention to safety distances

When driving at a slower speed a large section of the tire tread comes in contact with the road, resulting in improved traction. Do not forget that braking on wet road takes about three times longer than braking on dry road.

3. If you can’t see, then stop

Surely at some point you must have encountered a rain so heavy that the windshield wipers couldn’t clean the windscreen effectively. When visibility is so limited, the best thing to do is to make a short stop, until the rain gets weaker.

4. Handle aquaplaning correctly

When the water in front of the tires accumulates faster than the ability of the car's weight to remove it, then we have aquaplaning. In such a case, do not brake or turn the wheel abruptly. On the contrary, lift your foot from the accelerator until the car reduces speed.

5. Select the appropriate tires

All-weather tires are a class of tires with impressive performance in: wet braking, dry braking, mileage and energy efficiency. This means that all-weather tires are successfully compared on traction and braking with the best winter tires. These tires are also in the same category with the best summer tires in terms of low rolling resistance.